Featured Captain Jo Jo Ruark

Jo Jo Ruark is a heck of a Captain! He is originally from Hoopers Island, Maryland. He has been on the water sine he can remember. His Boat's name is the Next Generation! It all started with his dad when I was 5 years old! He remembers that all he wanted to do was be on a boat. Like his dad he was 21 years old and he entered his first boat docking in Crisfield, Maryland around 1985. Back then he said there was three contest a year! Now the extreme boat docking contests have grown tremendously to about 14 contest a year from Virginia to Baltimore, Maryland. He is proud to be a Captain in the fleet of professional watermen to go to different events to compete for the braggin’ rights of the best Extreme Boat Docking Captain on the Chesapeake Bay! Good luck to all the Captains in the 2018 Extrmeme Boat Dockin’ Year!  

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