Boat Docking also known as the Water Rodeo is considered a water sport in which work boats and charter boats compete within their divisions to go from point “A” to get to point “B” and execute a task of tie/lasso of poles for a timed competition. They compete for cash, prizes, trophies and of course bragging rights…. These runs are filled with captains of all ages with some of our youngest captains as young as age 10. This water rodeo is an absolute spectacular to witness and there is truly never a dull moment!!

To ask these Captain’s why they do it….. Kevin Marshall would say “It’s a family tradition!!” The waters of the bay runs in their blood. Their brothers, father and uncles have been in these competitions for years. Capt. Paul Jones has been competing for 37 years….. Then you have our young Captains like Will, Hayden and Hunter that have been docking for the last year or two, not to be underestimated, those young bucks can dock those boats in the same amount of time as some of the 30yr veterans. Don’t forget known legend “King of Boat Docking” Dwight Marshall, his many victory’s put the Marshall family forever in docking history!!